Hold in my hand and your breath (and I will tell you exactly how it went)
Introduction film
Vad är en hemlighet? 
(What is a secret?) 

Vad har hemligheter för makt över oss? 
(What power does secrets possess upon us?)

Vad skapar hemligheter för band mellan människor? 
(What bound does secrets create between people?) ​​​​​​​
How to keep a secret: 

You will need: 
- a friend/ stranger on the streets 
- a glass jar with a lid
- a flashlight/ phone with flashlight function
- a secret

1. Ask your (a) friend/ (b) stranger to hold the glass jar and take off the lid.
2. Hold your hands over their ears.
3. Whisper your secret into the glass jar.
4. Ask (a)/ (b) to put the lid back on the glass jar.

5. (a)
1. Ask your friend to throw the glass jar onto the floor.
2. Stand on the shattered pieces.

5. (b)
1. Use the flashlight to light up the glass jar.
2. Ask the stranger to guess what the secret is.
6. Hold the glass jar together.
7. Embrace each other with a hug.
​​​​​​​The roots of a secret are probably the stigma, shame,
 sorrow and anxiety that circles around whatever we are trying to hide. 
We carry these parts of ourselves gently in our arms to feel more secure. 
Yet at the same time we hold ourselves back and distance those feelings which results in secrets. 
These thoughts and reflections holds ourselves back 
and possess much more power over us than we do over them. 
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