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This galleri only shows products that already has available copies, 
but all of my illustrations, zines and books are up fore sale, you only need to contact me 
via the submission form to inquire availability and prices.

Standard prices for prints: 
A5: 100 kr
A4: 200 kr
A3: 300 kr
A2: 400 kr

Payment methods: Swish/Paypal
Ships worldwide ;)

Tarot Cards series
A5: 1 for 65 kr, 4 for 200 kr
A3: 1 for 250 kr, 4 for 800 kr
In the air
A4: 150 kr
Before sunset
A3: 250 kr
空/ Unleash the night
A4: 150 kr
A2: 350 kr
1 for 25 kr
3 for 40 kr